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Lipinski Thanks Voters; Vows to Continue Fighting for Commonsense Solutions to Defend the American Dream

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) issued the following statement after his election victory:

“I am grateful to the voters of the Third District for their support in re-electing me to serve them in Congress. As we face the many challenges that confront us today, I will continue to fight for commonsense solutions that help middle-class Americans in the district and across our nation.

“After one of the most divisive elections in history, now is not the time for anyone to gloat or push a one-sided agenda that will ultimately lead to just more gridlock. If anything, this election is proof that we need more leaders who are willing to work to bring people together to find solutions that defend the promise of the American Dream for hard-working Americans.

“Let’s start with things we can all agree on. We need to take care of our seniors and veterans. It’s the least we can do for people who have sacrificed so much for our country. We should also make it a priority to support policies that will help grow good-paying middle class jobs, not ship them out of the country.

“The new Congress should make it our top priority to pass a bill that helps to rebuild our nation’s transportation infrastructure. This would put more people to work and provide a first-class transportation system that will boost future economic growth. This is a priority that can bring Americans together.

“I’m not asking everyone to agree with each other on all issues, but I believe it’s time for each of us to look within and find a little more empathy for the contrasting viewpoints and backgrounds that make our nation unique. Our best days can still be in front of us if we work together toward our common good.”


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