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I want to thank the voters of the Third District for their overwhelming support and thank all of the people who worked hard to make this victory possible. The people of this district — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents —have said "yes" once again to commonsense leadership here and in Washington.

I know that many Americans see our nation on the wrong track and they are frustrated that Washington seems to only bicker. I have been frustrated also. But I hope now that the election is over we can come together to work on real solutions to the problems that plague our nation. We must help grow American jobs, improve our transportation system, strengthen Social Security and Medicare, fix our broken healthcare system, honor our veterans, and put our fiscal house in order.

I will continue my commonsense leadership and never stop fighting for the people of the Third District and all hard-working middle class Americans.

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Lipinski Bill Signed Into Law Will Boost American Manufacturing and Jobs

Congressman Dan Lipinski’s (IL-3) bipartisan legislation to boost domestic manufacturing and American jobs by requiring a National Strategic Plan for Manufacturing has been signed into law.

The bill requires that at least every four years the President work with public and private stakeholders to produce and publish a plan to promote American manufacturing. In addition, every year the President’s budget blueprint will have to contain an explanation of how it promotes the most recent manufacturing strategy.

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